Tulips in Montreal

A couple days ago I went to a beautiful tulip field TULIPES.CA that just opened this year in Laval which is about 20 mins from my place! Don’t get me wrong I love going to the Tulip festival in Ottawa but after seeing the rows and rows of stunning beautiful tulip colors I may have changed that! And I love how its super close to my place, Take a look at some of the beautiful photos I took discovering this paradise

3E04F9E7-8FC3-4330-B431-A9E3AA89EB86 copy8B206E70-22E9-49A4-8712-AAF0DF4EE0B69C45D200-8490-424F-B87F-7DF9BE117207 copy7206AE67-87D6-4FAE-9F36-8A45C0E0C706 copy9229BF98-7571-41D2-958F-F6A30FF6E107 copy00244358-B333-48A5-9C0A-B264E04AC112 copy249934E6-4C0F-4E92-9CF8-1107EE1E1990 copyA3ACF32B-FB02-4FF9-9A03-79109F0FC66F copyA6BF9B36-869F-4088-A71D-4FCC15A941D3 copyA50E4636-67F2-4355-8C27-BFEE76BC29CE copyB5ECEE7C-01F0-4F50-8E0F-34C3004C347A copyBB51E663-A7F0-48A0-9260-95D5F69749C7 copyE95643E1-CE03-41D2-BDD3-F05676AB3124 copyE359592B-4858-437E-BDAF-0295740496A2 copyScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.56.15 PM

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