Butterflies fly free ..

On the hottest day of spring,  which was last Tuesday (so far).  I decided to drive about 30 mins to the botanical gardens in the city! I had heard about an exhibition where you can go into a room and the butterflies are able to roam freely around you! So the first thing I do is track down this place and bam!

Take  look below at some of the photos I got to capture of these beautiful butterflies:

2B1D901A-EBD9-455B-8A71-7DBAE03F518C copy 22ED46B30-1C3C-4EB4-A52C-E103C3BA0B17 copy 24B70934A-0EB0-458F-BC8F-050A5BC4CCA2 copy 28B3F5DB9-4A69-437E-A2D8-33AA3F0B5B49 copy 29D124238-8D75-47CC-A345-E5FE0424BDA4 copy 246B5FFB8-3D65-470B-BC42-29A0BA362A45 copy 258DBD91A-4016-4B30-BF2B-0E3BB406BD3E copy 2733BFE0A-147E-41C4-BE03-305FEB5D7B12 copy

22D43E45-6DBA-4F9E-AB2E-FEABEA7119D0 copy 2



It was so pretty to see all the different coloured butterflies flying around the room together! Unfortunately this exhibit was on till yesterday, but I will be attending it again next year!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.56.15 PM

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